Self Tie Bow Tie

Do away with any imposters. The ‘self-tie’ bow tie is a nod to simpler times when elegance and sophistication were key.

Traditionally characterised by either the ‘thistle’ or the ‘batwing’ end, the ‘self-tie’ bowtie has a long history at the apex of men’s fashion. Since the 1880s it has remained prevalent as the last word in mens’ dressing, adorning everyone from the debonair Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra to modern day style muses such as Johnny Depp and Justin Timberlake.

Since it’s raise to prominence in men’s fashion, the classic bow-tie has been revamped and redesigned many times, but the ‘self-tie’ has never lost it’s appeal as a classic and defining piece.

When you want to make an impression, when the details are important, or when you want to feel you have well and truly put your best foot forward, the ‘self-tie’ bowtie is the perfect nod to style and tradition.