The Brand

We offer both made-to-measure garments with bespoke finishes as well as an extensive off-the-rack selection to fit any situation. Our suits are all New Zealand made from the finest suiting, sourced from selected top mills we know and trust, and are crafted and finished under the eye of our master tailors with decades of bespoke experience.

In finding the perfect outfit, we are happy to discuss both classic and contemporary styles, while maintaining our penchant for distinctive soft Italian tailoring with hand sewing and stitching something we believe is the hallmark of true quality. Each and every suit we produce is meticulously hand finished on-site at our flagship O’Connell Street store, with both made-to-measure and off-the-rack garments receiving the same attention to detail and quality finish. Better yet, every stitch and seam on all James Loft suits is guaranteed for life. We won’t accept anything less than the best, and look forward to providing you a garment of uncompromising quality to meet your needs and suit your lifestyle.

Tailoring Services

Here at James Loft we specialise in high quality garments and tailoring. We offer an extensive range of off the rack garments which are finished on the body to get the perfect fit and shape that you are after as well as a made-to-measure and bespoke program which is considered one of the best in Australasia.

Together with our tailoring team we work patterns, shapes and cuts to get the perfect fit that is most suitable for you and what you are after. In the process of finding the right classical or contemporary fit we maintain our distinctive soft Italian tailoring with hand sewing and stitching which is the hallmark of a high quality garment.

All garments receive the same amount of attention from our tailors to create a piece that is guaranteed for life, every seam, every stitch. Each and every piece is made here in New Zealand and is hand finished at our flagship O’Connell Street Store in Auckland Central.

At James Loft we only accept the best. We aim to provide our customers with an experience that they will enjoy being a part of and seeing there garment being created right in front of them, from initial introduction to the final soft tailoring touches.

Cloth Offerings

We only use the finest suiting either from exclusive designs woven for James Loft or sourced cloths from selected top mills in England and Italy we know and trust. We have invested heavily into our own cloth suppliers allowing us to deliver incredible value in unmatched quality.

‘Be comfortable in your cloth, wear it – do not let it wear you’ is a philosophy we live by at James Loft. We know this to be true but acknowledge it takes more than an ethos to find the perfect fit.

It takes faultless attention to detail, constant commitment to quality and the know how to assist in selecting, or creating, the seamless suit to match your most vital asset – you.