Marling & Evans Mill

Tailoring is only good if its accompanying materials is equally exceptional. It is this reason we at James Loft has always made the effort to source unique cloth offerings every season, directly from the source. This effort takes us to England at least twice a year, specifically the town of Huddersfield where the best cloth is produced.

On this particular visit, we visited Marling & Evans in Slaithwaite.
A stunning heritage mill holding one of the oldest trademarks in England.

The mill sits between The Colne River and the canal, a strategic location when it was first built hundreds of years ago as the mill would have once had its own finishing facility utilising the river’s unique soft water while the narrow canal transported the cloth down towards the port.

The machine above has been in operation for over 100 years and still continues to be used every day.

It twists two yarn together to form a single yarn with incredible character and complex depth of colour for use in either warp or weft.

While the mill roots itself heavily in traditional and historical techniques, it is not without modern advantages. A short width jacquard loom paired with a single yarn Suzuki warper allows for short runs and quick sampling.

With these unique capabilities and heritage, Marling & Evans is able to offer an extensive selection of new designs every single season which is adapted to individual brands like us. We will be sharing more on this as the partnership progresses.