Factories of Huddersfield

To this day some of the world’s best cloth is still being manufactured here using a mix of old and new methods and a variety of different machinery.

During my trip, I visited D.P.Dyers & W.T Johnson & Sons to witness the dying and finishing process taken to get cloth from the initial colour & rough feel to the super soft finish.

Adam from DB Dyers showed me through the entire dying process starting with combining the correct ratio of ingredients to match the a sample colour supplied by the client. Then the process of mixing the dye and putting the cloth through multiple machines. Depending on the quantity of cloth needing dyeing different machines are used.

W.T Johnson & Sons was my next stop. They are one of the world’s leading textile finishing companies, continually coming up with new processes to make their finish steps ahead of the competition.

Hard working machinery & staff work around the clock in this impressive multi-level complex. From an outsiders view it would be hard to comprehend how a place like this operates as smoothly as it does, but years of experience have kept this place going and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Until my visit to these factories in person and getting to witness the process first hand, I hadn’t realised how much work truly goes into getting the fabric to the finish quality that we work with on our suits back in New Zealand.

R Harris | Digital & Print Designer